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We are sorry either the url you entered does not exist / the Image Boards are offline while we moderate or carry out maintenance or we wanted to bring you this important safety notice. Please be aware that the purpose of our sites is to make sure our users can post content and chat with total freedom of speech and without censorship. Our philosophy is to allow our users to post totally anonymously and remain anonymous at all times without fear of others knowing who they are.

1.) Why do we ban kik, discord, emails and links.?
We ban these type of actions because it exposes our users to identification and they lose all anonymity this site provides, we go to a lot of effort to protect our users privacy and a few users ruin it with this constant rule breaking, please helps us by reporting content on the new report links page.
2.) A user posts a kik message add me bro I want to trade what is wrong with this?
so lets say you hook up with them you have now exposed your IP address to kik as well as your unique IMEI of your phone, as well as it breaks our rules against this sort of behaviour.
3.) Why do we have a premium section and is it a scam?
No it is not a scam it has been running for 2 years and has been extremely successful, we operate this to make sure we can pay for the massive bandwidth 20 million users cost that access this site.
4.) Why should we stay on Anon Social when other sites exist?
We welcome healthy competition, however do these new sites have your back like we do? we highly doubt it, we are aware of a few clone sites that are likely harvesting your information for gain, as who in their right mind would setup a porn site like this without gain? meaning they have no revenue streams to pay for the bandwidth and the upkeep of the site, only a fool would visit such sites and take such a ill informed risk.
5.) Anon Social says:
A big thank you to all our loyal users and a massive thank you to our thousands of VIP Premium Members who keep it all afloat, allowing us to bring you the free Forums & Image Boards

So in the mean time if the image boards are offline get posting and browsing to the Forums! use a proton email address not your gmail and aol and outlook have some sense ;)

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